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Are you a K-12 school looking to fulfill our responsibility to care for the well-being of our Common Home, with an interest in:

  • further integrating sustainability in your curriculum,

  • further exploring how to improve the energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of your facilities, and

  • forming partnerships with local businesses and community partners to not only provide students with hands-on and real-life learning opportunities studying sustainability, but also establish a foundation for career paths in our community most closely aligned with “Green Jobs” and the “Green Economy” for future workforce development?

Are you an employer w/interest in Sustainability and Education, who:

  • needs a Sustainability / STEAM-based labor force now and in the future?

If so, Golden Rule Partners has been convening area educators, sustainability service providers, and businesses since 2017 to collaborate around stewarding sustainability in schools – including having an integrated, standard sustainability curriculum within their schools.


To have a conversation, please click below to complete a form to share about your efforts and interests in engaging. 

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Are you a church doing missions, or other organization engaging in local communities, overseas in Latin America, Africa, or Southeast Asia, looking for a way to:

  • share Christ's love to sustainably change lives and communities – perhaps while also doing so authentically thru prayer and at home on your own facilities as well?


If so, Golden Rule Partners has collaborated with providers of sustainable technology solutions, in-country partners, churches, and other organizations since 2018 to do so holistically, economically, and efficiently.​

To have a conversation, please click below to complete a form to share about your efforts, the community / communities you are focused on, and whom you're interested in speaking with.  

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