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Change that happens in the leader first is change that can last in your team and business or organization.

One-on-one coaching is critical for having the chance to talk through what's most important, consider how to best strategically approach situations, deep dive when needed, discern the Spirit, sort through emotions, internalize the change that's needed, set plans and make progress on what's been prioritized as most important, have accountability, and get to the root of things so there's lasting depth and a sustainable, solid foundation for growth.



Sessions are held each month for leaders to:

convene and go deep on professional and business matters; have open, honest, transparent dialogue to foster depth and lasting growth in trusting personal relationships; and have accountability and progress on spiritual and physical health.

Special sessions are also held among sub-sets of leaders when discerned and agreed its meaningful for all involved to be convened separately on a distinct topic or area.


In all things, we seek the Spirit and Truth.



Walking out the role of a trusted advisor alongside you entails lots of listening and seeking to understand.  It's keeping in mind what's been said, remembering what's important, and thinking about outside expertise that could be beneficial for you in advance of when situations or key decisions begin to come up.  

We have a network of long-standing relationships in numerous areas to reach out to proactively or turn to when situations arise.  We'll make mention of experts to consider when beneficial, call on referral partners for services needed when appropriate, and identify ways to establish new relationships for you when needed.


Whether it is strategic outreach and relationship building, organizational behavior and culture creation and improvement, customer insight gathering, leadership coaching, training and development, organizational structure and staffing planning, hiring, process mapping and creation, policy creation, the leaning of processes, the creation and execution of checks and balances, oversight and accountability, long-term planning, commercial strategy, sustainability, international trade development, contract and collateral creation, negotiations, lease and facility enhancements, financial planning and analysis, KPIs, or more ... we look at the "whole organizational health picture" and engage where help is of greatest value.

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