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One of my undergrad degrees was in Journalism, and I have often shared that the element in Journalism to seek to understand and seek the Truth applies in all aspects of life — including business.

Truth is fun.  Truth lasts.  Truth is a solid foundation for all things.

I love the Truth.  I am always discerning the Spirit and Truth.

Truth is possible and always available — in our relationships, in our stillness, in our words, in our listening, in our organizations, in us all.

Truth leads to integrity.  Integrity leads to trust.  Trust leads to belief.  Belief leads to faith.  Faith leads to growth — sustainable growth that can last.

We're all constantly being transformed, and can seek to understand and grow if we're willing to see it.

All of this is a process that requires being present.  Relationships require being present.  Relationships lead to growth — sustainable growth that can last.

If this resonates with you, and how you engage and lead — let's talk.

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Executive Coaching, Advisory Services, Board Leadership, International Commerce, and Ministry Experience across numerous industries and areas

  • The Golden Rule Partners President

  • BELIEVES Ministry Founder

  • Leadership on multiple boards

Advisory Experience

  • Scott Madden consulting

  • Joining multiple boards

Operations and Leadership Experience across multiple GE businesses, and in GE leadership program

  • GE Aviation

  • GE Rail

  • GE Energy

  • GE Capital Finance

Education, Leadership, and Service Experience

  • Non-profit founder

  • Service Learning leader

  • Student Body President of Texas Tech University

Notre Dame MBA

Texas Tech MBA, BBA, and BA 

English, Spanish, and Portuguese

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